"Holes" AKA Swiss McCheddar, labled as The Wannabe Strategist is a contestant on IRC Camps Season Two. He is played by Usitgz.

Screaming Divers
Holes Reloaded
Gender Male
Hair color Brunette
Episode Eliminated The Skydivers
Place 17th
Relationship None
Family Dad
Friends None
Enemies Allison
Fear Friday the 13th
Talent Blending in, being a traitor, manipulating, and many other talents
Played By Usitgz


When Swiss was little, he was picked on by the other kids in the school, because of his strange name. To adapt to this he moved to a new school across town and came up with an "ultra-cool" nickname, "Holes". Under this persona he became one of the most popular kids at school. He used his new found popularity to get revenge on all of the kids who picked on him when he was younger, with his posse of friends. He joined IRC Camps Season Two to test his manipulation skills.

Time on IRC CampsEdit

In The Skydivers, "Holes" was one of the first people to jump off of his team's plane. He used the confessional many times, but did not talk that often. Kyle was chosen to do the tiebreaker for the Divers, and chose four. Chris revealed that the number was six, making the Divers lose. He voted for Allison, but he was voted off that episode by Kyle's Alliance.

Audition TapeEdit

"Holes" is quietly meditating in his room on a rug. His room is as bland as can be, completely covered in white paint. "Holes" opens one eye, then says, "Oh, I didn't see you their." "Holes" opens his other eye and stands up and continues talking. "My name is Swiss McCheddar, but almost everyone I know calls me 'Holes'," continues "Holes". "Holes" walks over to his pet hamster's cage and takes out is hamster. "Hey everybody, meet Mr. McSqueakers! He is my pet Hamster, and has some rad skills, see!" "Holes" exclaims. "Holes" sets down Mr. McSqueakers in a maze and after two hours Mr. McSqueakers finds his way to the other side, while "Holes" dozes off. An older man walks up to the camera and whispers, "Please let my son be on your show, he tries really hard to be normal, and he really wants to be on your show." "Holes'" father starts walking away, and then realizes the camera is still on, and turns it off.


  • "Holes'" name is based off of the book Holes.
    • His real name, Swiss McCheddar is named after the cheeses, Swiss and cheddar, respectively, the former of which was chosen because it is full of holes.
  • "Holes" is an edit of Harold.
  • "Holes" has paraskavedekatriaphobia.
  • "Holes" was the first contestant eliminated of IRC Camps Season Two.
    • "Holes" received 6 votes in the second season.
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