This article is about the relationship between Christian and Allison.

IRC Camps Season Two Edit

The SkydiversEdit

Christian and Allison had little interaction in this episode, but both seemed to be kind to one another on the plane.

Escalade de la Tour EiffelEdit

Allison wished Christian good luck before he climbed the tower. She smiled at him when the Divers won.

Hundred Meter Dog DashEdit

Christian tried to flirt with Allison, but she didn't show many signs of attraction to him. Christian cheered her on while they were pulling the cart.

Elimination, Hawaiian StyleEdit

Allison and Christian talked a little during the challenge. Christian got Allison to vote off Glen with him, and she agreed.

I Barely Survived a Japanese Game ShowEdit

When Christian did his challenge, Allison cheered him on, and she congratulated him when he won. They both seemed concerned for Andrea when she was in her challenge.

The Drama of the MountainEdit

Christian tried numerous times to try and tell Allison that he liked her, but was always interrupted by something. In the end, Allison thought he meant he liked her as a friend, and she hugged him.

Chinese Challenge in ChinaEdit

Allison and Christian were both happy for the merge. They both smiled at each other when getting a passport.

Corriendo Con los TorosEdit

Before arriving in Spain, Christian and Allison kissed, and Allison felt awkward about it. When Christian heard Allison was sitting out of the challenge, he did too, and they talked. When Christian was in the bottom two, Allison seemed worried.

Leaning Tower of PizzaEdit

Christian flirted with Allison a bit. Christian complimented Allison's pizza and she thanked him. Both were happy when they got passports.

When in RomeEdit

Christian and Allison were excited for the challenge. Allison gave Christian a thumbs up before his fight. When Christian won his fight, Allison smiled at him. When Allison fell, Christian attempted to catch her, but was too late. In the final round, Allison cheered on Christian, and hugged him when he won. Allison hugged him again when he gave her immunity.

March of the PlayersEdit

On the plane, Allison thanked Christian for giving her immunity. They flirted in the challenge.

The Fashion KingEdit

Christian and Allison talked a bit in this episode. Allison chose to vote herself off instead of Christian, who she knew was going. When he was eliminated, Allison called Christian "the most amazing guy (she's) ever met." The two hugged and shared a kiss before Christian left.

Queen of the WorldEdit

Christian was happy when Allison was in the final two. He voted for her to win. When she lost, he comforted her, and she kissed him, confirming that they are still in a relationship.


  • Both have piercings.
  • Both play guitar.