Boomer, labeled as The Nutcase, is a competitor on IRC Camps Season Two. He is be played by KoopaKidJr..

Killer Adventurers
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated Valley of the Puzzles
Place 15th
Friends Zachary, Isaac, Spenny
Enemies Lindsay (one-sided on his side), Possibly Webby
Fear Mental Asylums, his Multiple Personality Disorder
Talent Being crazy, Making others laugh, Having multiple personalities, Impersonating others
Played By KoopaKidJr.

Time on IRC Camps Edit

On The Skydivers, Boomer was excited to start, as he jumped out of the plane, laughing maniacally. He kissed the ground afterward. In the tiebreaker, he went up and won it for the Killer Adventurers. He soon asked Webby for an alliance and he accepted.

In Escalade de la Tour Eiffel, Boomer was planning to vote Lindsay off. He was not chosen to climb the Eiffel tower for his team. When the Killer Adventurers lose, he voted Lindsay off, saying, "This vote is not strategic. It's strictly personal."

In Valley of the Puzzles, Boomer was picked to do the challenge. He tried to form several alliances, with help from Blain, planning to vote off Webby, Spenny, and even Blain. Boomer and Blain threw the challenge and Spenny turned the team against Boomer for playing dirty. Boomer was voted off.


  • Boomer received 4 votes cast against him in the second season.
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