This is a article about the relationship of Bridgette ans Roman.

IRC Camps Season One Edit

Do You Think I'm Stupid?Edit

In this episode, Roman says in a Confessional he had a crush on Bridgette.

Je t'aimeEdit

In Je t'aime, Roman says he got over Bridgette. Although, this was a lie.

A Christmas MiracleEdit

Roman says he still likes Bridgette and Bridgette says he likes him. During the challenge, Bridgette asked Roman out. He right away accepted but, under the conditions that she had to keep it a secret.


During the challenge, Roman cheered for her to go. Bridgette did and jumped but landed 1 foot away. Roman then helped her up. After the elimination, she went to go make out with Roman. She stopped because she thought some people might notice. When she kissed him goodbye, Princessa sees it and tells Nalyd although he's not concerned but Princessa on the other hand is.

It's ElementaryEdit

Bridgette and Roman kiss after finding out about the merge. They stay together during the challenge until Roman "dies." At the ceremony, Bridgette was sure that Roman would stay, but instead, he was eliminated. They were both sad. Roman said he wanted her to win.

Aliens are Weird Edit

Bridgette was still very upset over Roman's elimination, crying over him in the confessional. She realized that she could be going soon, so she said that without Roman she'd have to step up her game.


  • This is the only relationship with people on different teams.
  • The players of these characters Weblykinly and Tdi had one character in the first and third season.
  • Roman was the first boy voted off at the merge, and Bridgette was the first girl.