Corriendo Con los Toros
Season Two, Episode Ten
CCLT pic
First Played May 8, 2010
Challenge Running from bulls
Reward(s) Invincibility
Winner(s) Hershell
Eliminated Isaac
Episode Guide
"Chinese Challenge in China"
"Leaning Tower of Pizza"

A strategist tries to save his alliance by recruiting an enemy. Somebody manages to win the challenge, and survive being attacked by bulls. Despite somebody trying to save his friends, somebody else is still able to send one contestant home.


Before the plane landed, Christian kissed Allison, making her feel awkward. Andrea was upset, but Hershell tried to cheer her up. Blain started a Killer Adventurers alliance with Isaac and Lindsay. He talked to Kyle about voting Christian out. The final eight landed in Spain for their next challenge. Chris McLean revealed that the contestants would be running from bulls for the challenge. Christian and Allison chose to sit out of the challenge. Lindsay lasted half of a second before shouting uncle. Kyle was next, fearing the bull would be angered by his red hoodie, but ended up lasting two minutes. Isaac lasted thirteen seconds, and Hershell lasted two minutes and fifteen seconds. Blain lasted for ten seconds. Andrea was the last to go, and survived with the bull for two minutes and fourteen seconds, narrowly losing to Hershell. Blain told his alliance to vote off Christian, and Andrea instructed her alliance to vote off Isaac. Isaac was sent home, and Blain recognized that he and Lindsay were the next to go.


User Contestant
Nalyd Renrut Chris McLean/Allison/Blain
Goldenshane Andrea
Tdafan123 Christian/Lindsay
KoopaKidJr. Hershell
Codaa5 Isaac
Chimchar2356025 Kyle


  • The title is Spanish for "Running with the bulls."


Contestant Voted For
Andrea Isaac
Allison Isaac
Blain Christian
Christian Isaac
Hershell Isaac
Isaac Christian
Kyle Isaac
Lindsay Christian

Quotes Edit

  • Christian: *Kisses Allison* Good morning.

Allison: Hey...

(CONF) Allison: Whoa! What was that?! Me and him aren't even a couple yet!

  • (CONF) Blain: Strategy is definitely my strong suit. And with Lindsay and Isaac as my only allies, I need to do some serious strategizing.
  • Chris: Christian, Allison, you two will be sitting out, but you get to enjoy a Spanish meal. *Reveals Mexican Hot Pockets* Caliente Pockets!
  • Chris: For today's challenge, you'll be running con los burros!

Blain: Running with the donkeys?

Chris: Yeah, but we couldn't get burros, so we got bulls for you kids to run from!

Kyle: *Looks at hid red hoodie* I'm doomed.

  • Kyle: Gonna die. Gonna die. Gonna die. Gonna die.
  • (CONF) Hershell: After this experience, I'm going to give up on chocolate, and go into bull hunting.
  • Chris: Passports go to... *Throws passports to Hershell, Allison, Andrea, and Blain*

Lindsay: *Hugs Blain for support*

Chris: Kyle, Lindsay, you too.

Christian: *Looks nervous*

Andrea: Come on, C, you've got this.

Chris: Christian and Isaac, this is the final passport.

Andrea: Hopefully the alliance pulled through.

(CONF) Blain: I knew Christian was going. I totally had Kyle on our side to vote off Christian!

Chris: Christian. Isaac, time to go.

Isaac: *Stands up*

Blain: *Glares at Kyle, looks at Lindsay* We lost.

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