Danika and Manic's first interaction.

This page is about the relationship between Danika and Manic.

IRC Camps Season ThreeEdit

Talentless ShowEdit

Danika offered to take Manic to the infirmary when Trixie broke Manic's wrist. They seemed to bond over the course of the episode, becoming good friends.

Love is in the AirEdit

Danika helped Manic overcome his fear of doughnuts in the morning at the mess hall. During the challenge, Manic and Danika were paired together for the second round of the challenge; a romantic scene. Danika was searching for her necklace in a tree, and she fell just as Manic had found it in a bush and she landed hard on the ground. Despite this, they won the round. After their team won the entire challenge, Manic hugs Danika out of excitement, but blushes when he notices what he is doing.

The Final ChowdownEdit

Danika helped Manic get over his fear of germs, explaining that some bacteria are good, in the mess hall. During the challenge, Manic and Danika were the only members of their team to win their challenge.

Use Your NoodleEdit

Danika taught Manic that dust bunnies were not evil. Before the challenge, Danika gave Manic a duck floatie so he wouldn't drown, as he couldn't swim.

The Camp Before TimeEdit

Manic tried to ask Danika to be his girlfriend many times, but was foiled by Cheyne (on accident) until Manic gave up.

Episode Thirty-NineEdit

Manic and Danika finally hook up, in this episode. They collected firewood for their team, and Danika cared for Manic during his allergic reaction.

Episode FortyEdit

Danika helped Manic conquer hs fear of spiders in the morning. Danika and Manic celebrated when their team won the challenge, and Danika gave Manic a kiss on the cheek.
Manika kiss

Danika kisses Manic on the cheek.


  • They were both Screaming Scouts.
  • Ironically, Danika is an extremist, while Manic is a recluse.
  • They both hate Trixie.
  • They both got the first girl scout cookies on their team.
  • They both wear an article of red clothing.
  • They are usually called Manika by the users.