This article is about the relationship between Eliza and Trevor. In the IRC Camps Season Three

Welcome to CampEdit

When arriving, the two looked at eachother a bit. When Trevor landed in the cabin instead of the canoe, Eliza yelled at him, but later apoligized. They also formed an alliance. When Eliza was yelling at Trixie, Trevor confided that he liked her in the confessional. They both cheered when they won the challenge.

Talentless ShowEdit

Trevor told Cheyne he liked Eliza, and needed some advice. Cheyne happily gave him advice, and Trevor thanked him. Trevor flirted with Eliza throughout the episode. Trevor's talent was poetry, despite not even knowing a thing about it, did it only to impress Eliza. When Trevor's turn was next, he nervously explained Eliza, and felt embarrased. Despite this, Eliza agreed to go out with him, confirming their relationship.