This is an article about the alliance formed by Ethan with Nalyd of the Killer Actors. They were the most powerful alliance on the show.


After winning the first challenge, while partying, Ethan randomly asked Nalyd for an alliance, which he agreed to. In Je t'aime, Princessa and Bridgette joined the alliance. Nalyd invited Princessa to join, while Bridgette asked to join.

In A Christmas Miracle, anticipating a loss, Nalyd talked to Trev, hoping to get him to vote off Tye. Trev agreed, but at the last minute really wanted the alliance to vote off Rachel. Nalyd ignored his pleas, and Tye was voted off.

The foursome voted Trev off in I'm Coming M'Lady!. Victoria and Rachel followed suit in I Make Fire! and I Hate High School, becoming victims to the powerful alliance.

The alliance split up in It's Elementary. Nalyd and Ethan stayed allied, but Bridgette and Princessa quit after Princessa broke up with Nalyd, and Nalyd went against the alliance at the vote.