This article is about the relationship between Evelyn and Louis.

IRC Camps Season Three Edit

Talentless Show Edit

Louis volunteers to be Evelyn's model for her talent of giving makeovers. The two scored a ten for the team, winning the challenge.

Love is in the Air Edit

Louis and Evelyn were chosen to take part in the challenge. In the challenge, Louis pretended to save Evelyn from an evil person in their romantic scene, but they lost to Manic and Danika. Evelyn kissed Louis, causing him to lose his focus and trip on his cape. Louis was concerned he and Evelyn had become a couple, because he thought he needed to focus on saving the world. Evelyn assured him that they were just friends. Louis said in the confessional that Evelyn was pretty, and seemed disappointed that the two were just friends.

Use Your NoodleEdit

In this episode, both Evelyn and Louis admit to liking each other. Louis doesn't know how to express his feelings though and says that heroes don't have girlfriends. Although she tries to get closer to Louis, Evelyn's every romantic move seems not to work. After Sly told Louis that every hero has a damsel, Louis and Evelyn became boyfriend and girlfriend. At the end of the episode, they kiss.

Trivia Edit