Joe has started problems since the first day, and has caused lots of conflicts with the other 15 contestants.

Bridgette Edit

Bridgette, along with the rest of the Killer Actors angrily glared at Joe when he forced his team to jump on I Love Adventures!

Erik Edit

On day two, Joe formed an alliance with Erik, but they both secretly double-crossed each other and voted for against them.

Ethan Edit

Ethan stood up for Princessa when Joe tripped her on day two.

Frank Edit

Joe voted for Frank for unknown reasons in I Love Adventures!.

James Edit

James and Joe had a slight conflict on day two. James, even though he didn't vote for Joe, said he was happier Joe left. In And the Winner Is..., Joe reprimanded James, and was the only person not to vote for James to win. Joe was very upset when James won.

Marshall Edit

Irc camps joe marshall talk

Joe and Marshall walk in Do You Think I'm Stupid?.

In Do You Think I'm Stupid?, Marshall tried to start an alliance with Joe, but Joe turned him down. Marshall voted for Joe in this episode.

Nalyd Edit

Trev was worried that Joe could return, but Nalyd told him in A Christmas Miracle that Joe wouldn't return. In And the Winner Is..., Joe and Nalyd got along and Joe was the only person to vote for Nalyd to win.

Princessa Edit

In Do You Think I'm Stupid?, Joe plotted to break up Nalyd and Princessa. Later, Princessa said that the mountain lion her team was working with should kill Joe. Then she laughed it off and claimed she was only kidding. In a confessional, she claimed that she didn't trust Joe, and that she thought he was scary. But she claimed that he couldn't beat her. She told the audience about how you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, and compared herself to honey by saying she was "Pure, and sweet forever!" Soon enough, he tripped Princessa. She became furious, and punched him as hard as she could in the face. In a confessional, she threatened Joe by saying, "That little *bleep* better not trip me again..."

Trev Edit

In A Christmas Miracle, Trev asked Nalyd if he was worried about Joe returning to the game, but Nalyd assured him that he thought it was unlikely.

Tye Edit

Joe and Tye got into an argument in I Love Adventures! when Tye tried to get Joe's team not to jump off the cliff.

Victoria Edit

On day two, Victoria was angry with Joe when he tripped Princessa.