Killer Adventurers
Gender Male
Hair color Silver
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated Hundred Meter Dog Dash
Place 14th
Family Parents, Candi, and Jude (older siblings)
Friends Boomer
Enemies Webby (one-sided on Giratin's side)
Fear People Finding Out His Real Name
Talent Video Games, Being Emotionless, Skateboarding (In Jude's opinion)
Played By Tditda2010

Giratin, labeled as The Emotionless Gamer, is a competitor in IRC Camps Season Two. He is played by Tditda2010.

Time On IRC CampsEdit

In The Skydivers, Giratin was very quiet. When looking over the plane, he wet his pants, and landed hard on Boomer. He was very quiet still and was glad the Adventurers won.

In Escalade de la Tour Eiffel, he is again quiet, but didn't participate in the challenge, later he didn't vote anyone off.

In Valley of the Puzzles, he didn't speak much, but he would have participated in the challenge, if the Divers didn't win. He later voted off Boomer.

In Hundred Meter Dog Dash, Giratin sat on the Adventurers' cargo, making to heavier. He didn't help win the challenge, and was voted off.


A boy appears on the camera. "Hi my name is Giratin, my real name is... not important now. I want to be is to compete on IRC Camp," Giratin said. "Hey you finish that audition?" a girl comes in and asked. "Actually no the camera still going Candi," he said. "Oops, sorry," Candi said. "Dude, that had to suck," Jude said outside the door. "So anyway pick me," Giratin said. The camera goes black.


  • Jude and Candi are twins that are older than him, both also have something they're good at, extreme sports and modeling.
  • He's been a gamer since six.
  • He's seen all episodes of Total Drama Island and Action, and his favorite characters are Katie and Sadie (which ironically they are the opposite of him in personality).
  • Girtain received 4 votes cast against him in the second season.
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