Screaming Divers
New me in tdi
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated Episode Twenty-One
Place 12th
Family mom(TBA)dad(TBA) sister(TBA)
Friends Zachary
Enemies The Screaming Divers
Fear Dark, drowning
Talent Surfing, making friends
Played By User:abualinj34

Audition TapeEdit

Glen:sup peepz its me glen i wanted to join cuz im a surfer and wanna win the money to save the world as in global warming and haiti and more stuff so yea hope you pick me thank you.

Episodes in so farEdit

In The Skydivers, Glen was pretty excited about being on the show. At the beginning of the show, he was waxing his surfboard. He jumped off the plane, not worried. He was annoyed by Allison's constant flirting with Kyle. He complained about it in the confessional a lot. He did call her hot, though. Eventually he decided to vote her off. When she was in the final two, he regretted his vote, and he was happy she stayed. He said that he wished he wouldn't have judged her so quickly.

In Escalade de la Tour Eiffel, Glen was annoyed by Allison and angrily yelled at everyone to shut up. In the confessional he said he hated Allison and his team. He didn't do anything else the whole episode.

In Valley of the Puzzles, Glen woke up still mad. He was annoyed by Allison's guitar and yelled at everyone. He tried to throw the challenge but got dehydrated and was almost evacuated. The Divers won.

In Hundred Meter Dog Dash, Glen was completely silent, except in the challenge when he actually helped his team. They won.

In Elimination, Hawaiian Style, Glen was mad at Allison and threw her guitar and Hershell's chocolate out the window, irritating them both. He purposely fell off his board in the challenge and voted for Kyle when the Divers finally lost. Glen was eliminated.


  • Glen received 6 votes
Screaming Divers

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