Happy Campers
Season Three, Episode Seven
No Picture
First Played October 16, 2010
Challenge Survive in the woods over night
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Screaming Scouts
Eliminated Sly
Episode Guide
"The Camp Before Time"
"Just Keep Swimming"

After an interesting episode, a conflict erupted between two contestants. Hopeful for love, the scared boy continues trying to "be more than friends" with the fast-paced girl, but it doesn't work. After a winning team shows how powerful they are, the other team is sent to elimination. At the end of the day, our antagonist is betrayed by his "girlfriend" and her friend.


A conflict broke out between Sly and Louis after a fight in the previous episode. Manic tried to ask Danika out, but she misinterpreted what he was saying, and explained that they were already outside. He tried again, and Danika said yes. Eliza stole Louis' cape. Sly plotted how to save himself. Chris McLean announced that the teams would be going camping for their challenge. The Killer Campers focused on building a shelter, while the Screaming Scouts decided to look for food and then build a shelter. Sly made a fire for the Campers, while Eliza was attacked by a rabid squirrel. The Campers started fighting amongst each other. Sly blackmailed Louis into rejoining his alliance. Manic manages to light a fire, accidentally attracting a bear. Chris revealed that the Screaming Scouts won the challenge. The Killer Campers voted, and Sly was blindsided.


User Contestant
Goldenshane Chris McLean/Eliza/Paul
Nalyd Renrut Louis
Reddude Manic/Cheyne
Tdi Evelyn
KoopaKidJr. Sly
Chimchar2356025 Danika
Cragiled dyrium Charlie
TDALindsayfan1 Katie



Contestant Voted For
Charlie Katie
Evelyn Sly
Katie Sly
Louis Charlie
Sly Evelyn

Quotes Edit

  • (CONF) Louis: How can I trust anybody again? Sly is the biggest snake in the game!
  • Manic: I mean, like, in a couple...

Danika: Couple of what?

  • Eliza: I'm sorry your hotness - I mean your superness!
  • Paul: I think Charlie is in the chocolate factory.

Sly: Nice pun, Paul. How long have you been working on that?

  • (CONF) Evelyn: I won't get mad at Eliza, but, ugh!
  • Chris: We have a low budget for thinking.
  • (CONF) Sly: I bet Louis' cape would have been a good fire starter.
  • Sly: You know, your damsel in distress...

Louis: You leave Evelyn out of this.

Sly: I created this relationship and I can end it!

Louis: She'll vote you out with me.

Sly: But I have the numbers. Face the facts, Louis. I'm unstoppable.

Louis: Vote me off then, I don't care.

Sly: If we lose, she's gone. You better stay with my alliance, or she's gone.

Louis: ... Fine. I'll join you.

Sly: *Smiles* Welcome to the dark side.

  • Eliza: Where'd you get these berries?

Paul: That bush there.

Manic: That looks like poison ivy.

  • Eliza: Chris! I've never been so happy to see you! Well, I've never been happy to see you.
  • Chris: First cookie goes to Louis. Everyone but Louis got votes, so any of you could be going home...

Louis: Oh no...

Chris: But it isn't Evelyn! Or Charlie! *Throws cookies to them*

Louis: *Hugs Evelyn*

Chris: Sly, Katie, one of you is going home...

Katie: Just give me the cookie.

Chris: Whatever. *Throws the cookie to Katie*

Sly: What? No! Manic!

Manic: It worked!

Sly: No! Dang it all!

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