Hershell, or The Chocolate Hero is a competitor in IRC Camps Season Two. He was created by GreenMagic01, but is played by other users besides him.

Screaming Divers
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated March of the Players
Place 5th
Friends Allison, Christian, Kyle, Tom, Zachary, Andrea
Enemies Glen, Webby, Isaac
Played By GreenMagic01


Hershell is a chocolate hero because two years before sign ups for the camp he saved a chocolate factory and became the hero in his town.

Audition TapeEdit

Hershell shows up in front of the camera, eating chocolate. "Hey guys! I'm Hershell, saved a chocolate factory two years ago!" Hershell yelled, eating more chocolate.

"Welp! CALL!" Hershell screams, then pukes up chocolate.


  • Hershell got his name from Hershey chocolate bars.
  • Although GreenMagic created Hershell, he has been played numerous users besides him, mostly KoopaKidJr., starting from On a Drama Filled Day onward.
  • A total of nine votes were cast against Hershell throughout the season.
Screaming Divers

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