Hundred Meter Dog Dash
Season Two, Episode Four
No Picture
First Played March 27, 2010
Challenge Run 100 meters with 1000 pounds of dog food
Reward(s) Invincibility and dog food
Winner(s) Screaming Divers
Eliminated Giratin
Episode Guide
"Valley of the Puzzles"
"Elimination, Hawaiian Style"

After another loss for one team, the team members were determined to win this challenge. While the other team takes a lead, two castmates sit on their cart, slowing their team down. When one team loses again, they vote out the lazy gamer.


The Screaming Divers and Killer Adventurers wake up in the frozen tundra of Russia. Chris McLean reveals that the two teams have to pull sleds with 1000 pounds of cargo on them. Both teams pull with everything they've got, but Giratin sat on top of the Adventurers' sled, and Hershell fell asleep half-way through the race. The Screaming Divers crossed the finish line first, and one the 1000 pounds of dog food they were carrying. Spenny, Webby, Blain, and Isaac were outraged at Giratin for not helping, and Giratin tried to blame the team's troubles on Zachary. Giratin ended up being voted off.


User Contestant
Nalyd Renrut Chris McLean/Allison/Giratin
Goldenshane Andrea/Kyle
Tdafan123 Christian/Webby
Kenzen11 Blain
DJ Spenstar Spenny
Thebiggesttdifan Isaac
Darkdonpatch Tom/Hershell
Mrodd Zachary
IHeartTDInTDA Glen



Contestant Voted For
Blain Giratin
Giratin Zachary
Isaac Giratin
Spenny Giratin
Webby Giratin
Zachary Blain

Quotes Edit

  • Zachary: I think in the end we'll need to vote out our weakest link.
  • Blain: If only for today, we need to work together if we want to win. I'll kick your butt at the merge.
  • (CONF) Christian: I think Allison is pretty hot, but I wonder if she feels the same way.

(CONF) Allison: Do I like any guys here? Well, I hate Glen. I guess Christian is pretty hardcore, man.

  • Chris: In Soviet Russia, challenge competes in you!
  • Chris: Today, both teams will be pulling sleds with 1000 pounds of cargo. So, essentially, you're sled dogs!

Tom: Full of Christmas merchandise?

Chris: No, full of a special surprise!

  • Spenny: If we all work together we can win!
  • Christian: *Pushes crate, winks at Allison*

Allison: Christian, dude, so not the time!

  • Spenny: Did Nalyd calm down during his jury speech?

Blain: Nalyd lost.

Spenny: That's not the point!

  • Christian: We gotta get rid of Hershell next, look, he's sleeping!
  • Chris: Divers, you now get the content of the box!

Allison: *opens box* Sled dog food?

  • Spenny: *Gets up* Team, we have to vote together, and Giratin must go!
  • Chris: Passports go to... Spenny! Webby! Isaac! Zachary!

Webby: *High-fives Spenny*

Chris: Giratin and Blain, this is the final passport... And it goes to... Giratin!

Blain: What?!

Webby: Excuse me?

Isaac: What... the...

Chris: Just kidding! *Throws passport to Blain*

Blain: Never do that again.

Chris: Giratin, it's time to go!

Giratin: Whatever.

  • Chris: Twelve remain! Who will be voted off tonight?! Or... Next week.
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