I Barely Survived a Japanese Game Show
Season Two, Episode Six
First Played April 10, 2010
Challenge Diving in a pool of jello, getting shocked, running across a rickety bridge
Reward(s) Invincibility
Winner(s) Killer Adventurers
Eliminated Tom
Episode Guide
"Elimination, Hawaiian Style"
"On a Drama Filled Day"

The two teams travel to Japan for an intense challenge. Two contestants had to go into a pool of jello, two others are pushed to the limits, and two more go to a volcano. In the end, somebody is blindsided.


While the Killer Adventurers celebrate their latest victory, Zachary feels like the odd man out on his team. The Screaming Divers rejoice after Glen was voted off. The planes land in Japan for a show based off Japanese game shows. Christian and Isaac have to dive into a pool of jello (with electric eels and land mines) to find a "smiling rabbit statue." Christian finds it first, scoring a point for the Divers. Spenny and Andrea are strapped to electric rods to see who can lost the longest. Spenny won the round after Andrea screamed. Tom and Blain have to get a tiki on the middle of a rickety bridge on top of a volcano. Blain gets the tiki, winning for the Adventurers. The Divers chose to vote off Tom, who was too big of a threat to keep.


User Contestant
Nalyd Renrut Chris McLean/Allison
Goldenshane Andrea
Thebiggesttdifan Isaac
Tdafan123 Blain/Christian
DJ Spenstar Spenny
Darkdonpatch Tom/Hershell
Webkinz Mania Webby
Mrodd Zachary
Chimchar2356025 Kyle



Contestant Voted For
Allison Tom
Andrea Tom
Christian Tom
Hershell Tom
Kyle Tom
Tom Hershell

Quotes Edit

  • (CONF) Zachary: Sad, sorta, I'm glad we won and all, but there is still a pain in my side on our team.
  • (CONF) Andrea: Kyle is a really great friend. He's always there for me.
  • Allison: Dudes! Glen is gone!
  • (CONF) Christian: I wish I could ask Allison out, you know? But I'm afraid.

(CONF) Allison: If I had to pick the most awesome guy out here, I guess I'd pick Christian. Dude's hardcore.

  • Zachary: Poor Glen.

Christian: Poor Glen? He was a jerk!

Zachary: Still, he was funny.

  • (CONF) Christian: When we merge, I gotta get rid of Spenny. He's dangerous!
  • Chris: For today's challenge, you'll be competing in three rounds of a Japanese game show! For this round, Christian and Isaac have to dive into the pool of surprises and find the smiling rabbit statue at the bottom!
  • Chris: Spenny, Andrea, you are going to compete in our lightning round. Wanna know why we call it the lightning round?

Andrea: You mean actual lightning, don't you...

Chris: Correct! *Zaps Zachary*

  • Chris: Blain, Tom, you two gotta get across the rickety bridge, grab the tiki, and get back!
  • Chris: Passports go to...

(CONF) Christian: As long as Allison is safe, I'll be okay.

Chris: Kyle! Allison! And Christian! *Throws passports to them all*

Allison: Rock on, man!

Chris: Andrea, you get one too!

Andrea: Yay!

Chris: Tom and Hershell, this is the final passport. It goes to... Hershell.

Tom: *Stands up, and walks away with his hood on* Heh, can't say I'm surprised. There's a traitor in the alliance and I know who it is.

(CONF) Andrea: Even though I'm a good girl, I'm still playing this game.

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