I Love Adventures!
Season One, Episode One
Irc camp monica frank bottom 2
First Played November 21, 2009
Challenge Jump off of a cliff
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Killer Actors
Eliminated Monica
Episode Guide
"Do You Think I'm Stupid?"

The sixteen contestants arrive on the show, and are greeted by their host, Chris McLean. They are given their first challenge. Two contestants become quick enemies, while two other contestants form an alliance. The first contestant is voted off.

Plot Edit


Monica refuses to jump.

Sixteen contestants come to the show, and are split into two teams; The Killer Actors and the Screaming Directors. The sixteen contestants face their first challenge, based off the adventure movie genre; Each team must jump off a cliff and into a lake. All eight of the Killer Actors jump off the cliff. There is some team tension between Rachel and her team, after she almost didn't jump. Only seven Screaming Directors jumped, costing them the challenge. Because Monica didn't jump, most of her team voted her off of the island. At the Killer Actors' victory party, Ethan forms an alliance with Nalyd.

Cast Edit

User Contestant
Nalyd Renrut Chris/Nalyd/Roman
Tditda2010 Bridgette
Tdifan1234 Erik/Frank/Trev
COKEMAN11 Ethan/Marshall
Kgman04 LeShawna/James
Tyedye0126 Joe/Tye
Chimchar2356025 Monica
Anonymos Rachel/Princessa
Webkinz Mania Victoria

Trivia Edit

  • This episode started fifteen minutes late due to absences.
  • The title was said by Ethan when the challenge was announced.
  • Before voting, everyone thought Frank and Monica didn't jump, but Frank was able to prove he did jump. Despite this, Joe's vote didn't change.

Voting Edit

Contestant Voted For
Erik Monica
Frank Monica
James Didn't vote
Joe Frank
LeShawna Didn't vote
Marshall Monica
Monica Marshall
Roman Monica

Quotes Edit

  • Roman: *arrives* Hey hey! *slips on a banana peel*
  • Chris: Now for today's challenge...

Nalyd: A challenge on the first day?

Chris: You sound surprised....

  • Ethan: I LOVE adventures!
  • Nalyd: Here I go... *runs and jumps off the cliff* If I die, tell my mom I love heeeeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! *splash*
  • Roman: *jumps* THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rachel: *whispers to Nalyd* Do you wanna try and psych them out?

Nalyd: Sounds fun, Rachel. But it seems like cheating....

  • Joe (To remaining Screaming Directors): Jump now!

Tye: You guys don't have to!

Joe: Shut up! *hits Tye*

Chris: Time's up! Killer Actors win immunity!

Tye: Oww... yay...

  • Princessa: Yay! We won!! *hugs Nalyd*

(CONF) Nalyd: That hug didn't mean anything.It's not like I fall for any girl in a bikini...

  • Ethan: Nalyd, alliance?

Nalyd: Er...okay.

  • Marshall: (in confessional) I can swim in my clothes!
  • Chris: Marshall, LeShawna, James, and Erik. You are all safe. *gives them all marshmallows*

Marshall: Yes! First marshy of the season!

Chris: Hm... Joe. *gives Joe a marshmallow*

Joe: Yes!

Monica: *bits nails*

Chris: Roman!

Roman: Oh yeah!

Chris: Monica and Frank... this is the final marshmallow... And it goes to....... Frank. *gives Frank the marshmallow*

Monica: Oh well... I deserve it for not jumping... Bye, guys!

  • (CONF) Joe: Not who I wanted to see leave, but at least it wasn't me! *laughs evilly*
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