Isaac, labeled The Downer, is a contestant on IRC Camps Season Two.

Killer Adventurers
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated Corriendo Con los Toros
Place Eighth
Family Deceased brother
Friends Spenny, Andrea, Kyle
Enemies Webby, Zachary, Blain (debatable)
Fear World domination
Talent Playing guitar, being a cynic
Played By TBTDIF

Time on IRC CampsEdit

In The Skydivers, Isaac jumped off the plane, but didn't say much during the episode. He formed an alliance with Webby, Spenny, Zachary and Boomer.

In Escalade de la Tour Eiffel, Isaac climbed the Eiffel Tower for the Killer Adventurers and did it successfully. He began to grow a friendship with Spenny, and began to trust Blain.

Valley of the Puzzles-

In Hundred Meter Dog Dash, Isaac was very restless and tired during the challenge, shown as he tripped over his team's sled and eventually got knocked out. He regained consciousness after a while, though, and was enraged at Giratin for slacking off. He was completely confused as to why Giratin wasn't voted off in the elimination ceremony until Nalyd said that he was just kidding.

In I Barely Survived a Japanese Game Show, Isaac participated in the first challenge, which was to dive underwater and find an object. He grabbed the object, but Christian, his opponent, had another of the object and appeared with it a moment before Isaac, making Isaac lose. Isaac showed consideration for Spenny when he had to go to the infirmary, and cheered when Blain won the challenge for his team.

Audition Tape Edit

Isaac walks in front of his family's camcorder in front of what appears to be a casual living room. His eyes are bloodshot and tears stream down his face. Wiping his nose, Isaac states, "I'm doing this for my brother. He was always egging me to join th-this"--Isaac erupts into a small sob--"and I'm going to do this to honor him." Isaac looks up at the sky. "I'm with you in your dreams, man." Smiling a bit, he wipes his nose again and walks away from the living room.

A moment later, one of Isaac's friends, Taylor appears. "Hey, that's my line, Clarke!" Taylor grumbles to himself and turns the camcorder off.


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