The James-Rachel Relationship is the one-sided relationship between James and Rachel. It is one-sided on James' side.

IRC Camps Season One Edit

Do You Think I'm Stupid? Edit

James smiled and waved to Rachel all throughout this episode. She didn't have any response, though.

Je t'aime Edit

While making his alliance, James told Roman about his love for Rachel. James kept smiling and waving until he accidentally revealed his love for Rachel publicly. He ran away, crying a little. He came back, head on the mess hall table. He was jealous of Ethan being with Rachel in the challenge. When his team lost, he smiled for Rachel's win.

A Christmas Miracle Edit

James waved to Rachel early in the episode. She half-waved back. He then asked her out, to which she said no. He was depressed about this and said he was over Rachel. When she got the final marshmallow he pumped his fist.

Yeehaw Edit

James was still upset over Rachel not liking him. After the elimination ceremony, Ethan and James got into a fight over Rachel. After the fight, Rachel explained that her boyfriend has just broken up with her before the show and she didn't want to date yet.

I Make Fire! Edit

Chris paired Rachel and James to fight in the challenge. James knocked Rachel off the pillar, but felt terrible about it. He was depressed the rest of the episode and considered quitting.

I Hate High School Edit

During the football challenge, Rachel said that James couldn't score in football or with a girl. James was glad when Rachel was voted off at the end of the episode.

It's Elementary Edit

Rachel returned to the game in this episode. James was the first person that Rachel "killed" during the challenge. Rachel voted for James.

Surf's Up Edit

James and Rachel vote for each other in this episode. Both expected the other to stay, but Rachel was eliminated. The two hugged before Rachel left.

And the Winner Is... Edit

James told Rachel that he regretted voting her out because she turned out to be a cool person, and apologized for eliminating her. Rachel voted for James to win the million dollars, but due to her conflict with the other finalist, Nalyd.

Trivia Edit