This article is about the ex-relationship, current conflict, between Katie and Sly.

IRC Camps Season ThreeEdit

Welcome to CampEdit

Katie immeadiately said that she and Sly would never get along. They didn't have any interactions during the challenge, but when it came time to vote, Katie was even angrier with Sly because he voted for Whitney and got the team to vote for Whitney, too.

Talentless ShowEdit

In this episode, Katie and Sly had their first good interactions. Katie asked what was new with Sly. He answered nothing much. Sly also liked Katie's performance and she liked his. Katie cheered for Sly. Near the end, Katie kissed Sly and blushed. She also admitted she liked him a few times and agreed to vote with him.

Love is in the AirEdit

In this episode, Katie hovered over Sly while he was taking a nap. Later when he woke up, he flirted with Katie. During the first part of the challenge, Sly and Katie had to kiss like they meant it. They did and won the challenge for the Killer Campers. At the elimination ceremony, they were kissing again when they got their girl scout cookies.

The Final ChowdownEdit

Sly and Katie spent most of the episode rooting for each other in the challenge. They were also two of the Campers who won rounds. Sly later kissed Katie after she won the final round against Paul.