The Killer Actors is one of the teams in IRC Camps Season One. The other team is the Screaming Directors. The Killer Actors consists of Bridgette, Ethan, Nalyd, Princessa, Rachel, Trev, Tye, Victoria.

The Actors won the first challenge in I Love Adventures!, when all eight of them jumped off a cliff. Nalyd led the team to victory in Do You Think I'm Stupid?, and Rachel won the tie-breaking challenge in Je t'aime. Their winning streak ends in A Christmas Miracle, and Tye is voted off. They won again in Yeehaw, but they lost again in I'm Coming M'Lady! and they voted off Trev.

Castmates Eliminated Edit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Tye Male First Fourth A Christmas Miracle Ethan and Nalyd's alliance wanted to vote off members from Rachel, Victoria, and Tye's alliance.
Trev Male Second Sixth I'm Coming M'Lady! His team was tired of his negative attitude and his uselessness.
Victoria Female Third Seventh I Make Fire! Ethan and Nalyd's Alliance trusted Rachel more than Victoria, so they voted off Victoria.
Rachel Female Fourth Eighth I Hate High School She was voted off by Ethan and Nalyd's Alliance.
Bridgette Female Fifth Tenth Aliens are Weird She was seen as a threat by Ethan and Nalyd's Alliance.
Rachel Female Sixth Eleventh Surf's Up She was seen as a threat by Ethan and Nalyd's Alliance.
Princessa Female Seventh Twelfth Can We Get a Doctor in Here? The other contestants were annoyed with her antics.
Ethan Male Eighth Thirteenth The Adventure of a Lifetime He was targeted as the weakest of the final five, who all wanted a great final four.
Nalyd Male Runner-Up Runner-Up And the Winner Is... He recived the least amount of votes to win.

Trivia Edit

  • This team has an equal amount of boys and girls.
  • Bridgette is the only from the canon Total Drama series.
  • Tye is the only male on the team with blond hair
  • The show's first alliance was formed on this team.
  • The show's first relationship was formed on this team. (Princessa's crush on Nalyd, and his attraction to her.)
  • The Killer Actors won the first three challenges.
  • Their first loss is in the fourth episode.
Killer Actors

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