Killer Adventurers
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated Escalade de la Tour Eiffel/When in Rome
Place 16th/6th
Relationship Blain
Family Twin Sister, Mom and Dad
Friends Allison, Blain
Enemies Boomer, Hershell
Fear Spiders
Talent Singing, Dancing, Acting
Played By Totalcartoonfan09

Lindsay,labeled as The Smart, Fun-loving, Competitive Cheerleader. is a contestant in IRC Camps Season Two. She is played by Totalcartoonfan09.

Time on IRC CampsEdit

In The Skydivers, Lindsay jumped out of the plane. Her team won the challenge.

In Escalade de la Tour Eiffel, Lindsay annoyed her team in the morning before the challenge.Lindsay got eliminated in this episode because of her peppiness.

In Chinese Challenge in China, Lindsay returned to the game in time for the merge. She chose to sit out of the challenge. She seemed attracted to Blain, sitting on his lap. She voted for Spenny.

In When in Rome, Lindsay fought Hershell on the pedestal but fell off also knocking Hershell off of of his, unfortunately Lindsay fell off first and Hershell won. Lindsay got eliminated again in this episode.

In Queen of the World, Lindsay voted for Andrea.


Lindsay: *turns camera on* HEYYYYY!!! My names Lindsay, not the one from the original series but people say I do look like her. Except I have brown hair, green eyes, I'm shorter... but that's besides the point. I think I should be in this camp because I'm very smart and pretty, but don't let that fool you because inside this pretty person is a tough fighter who can beat you up if you get on my nerves. *hears whisper from other side of the room* Brittany: Ya right she wouldn't hurt a fly. *Lindsay turns around to see her sister Brittany behind her* Lindsay: Um I don't like hurting animals and bugs, I'm perfectly fine with hurting people. *turns back to camera* This is my twin Brittany shes pretty much just like me... or she tries to be Brittany: UM NOO!! You try to be like me Lindsay: Right... like anyone would want to be you Brittany: HUH!!! You *#@?!^*& *argument starts then mom and dad walk in* Mom: Excuse our daughters *tries to break up fight* Dad: Please put our daughter Lindsay in, maybe if the two of them are separated we can finally get a break and relax so please consider her. *turns camera off*


  • Lindsay has a twin sister, Brittany, mom, Jill, and dad, Tom.
  • Her favorite color is green.
  • Lindsay had ten votes cast against her in the second season.
  • Lindsay returned in Chinese Challenge in China.
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