This is an article about the one-sided relationship between Marshall and Princessa. It is one-sided on Marshall's part.

IRC Camps Season One Edit

I Love Adventures!Edit

Marshall showed little to no affection for Princessa.

Do You Think I'm Stupid?Edit

Marshall's affection for Princessa started to bloom in the confessional, and Princessa started to notice it.

Je t'aimeEdit

Marshall asked to be paired with Princessa, but was dismayed when the couples had to be on the same team. Marshall did not compete in the challenge, and stared at Princessa the entire time. However, he was voted off.

And the Winner Is... Edit

When it was Marshall's turn to ask a question, Marshall pointed out that Nalyd and he had fought over Princessa and wanted to know what Nalyd thought of him, but Nalyd didn't bring up their conflict over Princessa.