Screaming Directors
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated I Love Adventures!
Place 17th
Family Chimmy, Shadow
Enemies Marshall (Speculated)
Fear Puppets
Talent Being cute
Played By Chimchar2356025

Monica is labeled as The Cute Toddler. She is a competitor on IRC Camps Season One, and is played by Chimchar2356025. She is on the Screaming Directors team.

Time on IRC CampsEdit

Irc camp monica frank bottom 2

Monica is eliminated.

In I Love Adventures!, Monica entered the competition ready and raring to go. Monica was assigned to the Screaming Directors team. She was the only contestant on the island that didn't do the challenge, which caused the Screaming Directors to lose. Monica voted for Marshall, but was voted off by Erik, Frank, Marshall, and Roman. She was sad about being eliminated, and largely blamed herself for her team's loss.

Audition TapeEdit

A cute girl with black hair stands in front of the camera. "Hiya, I'm Monica! I'm Chimmy and Shadow's daughter!" Suddenly, a large explosion is heard from another room.

"Oops... sorry, Chimmy!" Monica gives a radiant smile.

"That's my dad! Anyways..." Suddenly, she looks down at the floor. "Oh no! N-not a muppet!" An ear-shattering scream causes the camera glass to break, and the tape ends.


  • Monica's fear of puppets was randomly thought up when Chimmy was looking at a list of phobias.
  • Chimmy decided not to post Monica's outfits because no one probably even remembers her.
  • Monica received no marshmallows.
  • Monica had four votes cast against her.
  • Monica is the only contestant that didn't jump off the cliff in the first challenge.
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