The Screaming Directors is one of the teams in IRC Camps Season One. The other team is the Killer Actors. The Screaming Directors consists of Erik, Frank, James, Joe, LeShawna, Marshall, Monica, and Roman.

Castmates EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Monica Female First First I Love Adventures! She was the only one who didn't jump off the cliff in the challenge.
Joe Male Second Second Do You Think I'm Stupid? He was ticking off his team by being a jerk.
Marshall Male Third Third Je t'aime He was allegedly a threat.
Erik Male Fourth Fifth Yeehaw He was becoming annoying to everyone with his wannabe personality.
Roman Male Fifth Ninth It's Elementary Nalyd disliked Roman for constantly wanting Nalyd to be eliminated.
LeShawna Female Sixth Fourteenth Now It's War Nalyd told James and Frank to vote off LeShawna for being the most popular person left.
Frank Male Seventh Fifteenth Nothing Like a Movie Marathon Nalyd guilted James into bringing him to the final two.
James Male Winner Winner Winner James won the majority of the jury votes.


Screaming Directors

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