The Screaming Scouts is one of the teams in IRC Camps Season Three. The other team is the Killer Campers. The Screaming Scouts consists of Cheyne, Danika, Elenaz, Eliza, Manic, Paul, Trevor and Trixie.

Castmates Eliminated Edit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off


Female First Second Talentless Show Her aggressive and obnoxious demeanor during the talent show caused her team to vote her off.
Elenaz Female Second Fourth The Final Chowdown Eliza's alliance voted her off due to Eliza's dislike of her.
Trevor Male Third Fifth Use Your Noodle He threw the challenge to redeem himself.
Eliza Female Fouth Ninth Episode Forty-One Manic voted her out due to her being a threat.

Trivia Edit

  • They won the first challenge.
  • They are the first team to lose two consecutive challenges.
  • They are the first team to lose a male contestant, Trevor.
  • They are the first Screaming team to not lose the first challenge of their season.
  • They are the first Screaming Team to not be followed by a word starting with 'D'.
Screaming Scouts

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