The Drama of the Mountain
Season Two, Episode Eight
No Picture
First Played April 24, 2010
Challenge Skiing, doing tricks while skiing
Reward(s) Invincibility
Winner(s) Screaming Divers
Eliminated Zachary
Episode Guide
"On a Drama Filled Day"
"Chinese Challenge in China"

The downer tries to tell the girl he likes how he really feels, but can't get the words out. Round one of the challenge pits laid-back rock star against the strategist. In round two, one contestant has better skiing skills than her opponent. In the end, one contestant is sent home, but not before somebody adds injury to insult.


Christian and Hershell both wanted to form alliances on the Screaming Divers. Zachary was upset when his team started waiting on Spenny when he had a broken leg. The planes landed in Germany. Chris McLean explained that for the first challenge, Allison and Blain would have a race down the mountain. Allison won the challenge easily, being much farther than Blain for the majority of the race. Christian repeatedly tried to tell Allison about his feelings for her, but was interrupted. Andrea and Isaac had to do tricks for the last challenge. Chris judged that Andrea's trick was superior to Isaac's, making the Divers the winners. Zachary confronted Spenny, saying he wished he never met him. Spenny pushed Zachary to the ground using his crutches. At the elimination ceremony, Zach was unanimously voted off. Spenny, however, took the opportunity to push Zachary down again.


User Contestant
Nalyd Renrut Chris McLean/Allison
Goldenshane Andrea/Isaac
Kenzen11 Blain
Tdafan123 Christian
DJ Spenstar Spenny
KoopaKidJr. Hershell
Mrodd Zachary
Kevvy9 Kyle



Contestant Voted For
Blain Zachary
Isaac Zachary
Spenny Zachary
Zachary Spenny

Quotes Edit

  • (CONF) Christian: I hope Allison and I can form an awesome alliance.

(CONF) Allison: I hope Christian and I can form an awesome relationship.

  • (CONF) Hershell: Must... Form... Alliance... To keep... My mind... Off.. Chocolate!
  • (CONF) Zachary: My team is going all gaga over Spenny. He's a backstabbing liar!
  • Spenny: Germany?!

Chris: Nein! I mean yes.

  • Christian: Allison, about earlier, I really like you.

Allison: Hold on, Christian.

  • Christian: Good luck, Allison! I love you!

(CONF) Christian: She heard that, right?

  • Allison: *Skiing* Drum sticks, guitar, drum sticks, guitar...
  • Christian: Hey, um, Allison, can we talk?

Chris: Shut up, Christian. It's challenge time.

  • Christian: Can I tell you something? It seems like every time I try, I get cut o-

Allison: Hold on, Christian, I have to cheer on Andrea.

  • Hershell: I'm not going home! I'm not going home!
  • Christian: I want to let you know that I really like you, Allison. I like you a lot.

Allison: Aw, Christian, I like you too.

  • (CONF) Spenny: Zach really boils my blood.
  • Zachary: Spenny, I have something to tell you. I only regret one thing and that is meeting you!

Spenny: Bye, Zach. You never voted with us. You were against us from the start. Oh, and one more thing. *Pushes Zach into the snow using his crutch, laughs heartily*

  • Chris: *Throws passports to Blain, Isaac, and Spenny* Dramatic enough for ya?

Spenny: Yes!

Zachary: Like I said, a team of traitors.

Spenny: No, not a team of traitors. Just one traitor. And I'm pushing him down right now. *Pushes Zach down*

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