The Final Chowdown
Season Three, Episode Four
No Picture
First Played September 25, 2010
Challenge Eat disgusting meals
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Killer Campers
Eliminated Elenaz
Episode Guide
"Love is in the Air"
"Use Your Noodle"

The contestants have to eat nasty food to win immunity in the camp's eatathon. Some people threw up, while other people chowed down. In the end, one contestant had their last meal of the season.


Elenaz tried to get the girls in her cabin to clean up the cabin, but was unsuccessful. The Killer Campers marveled at Louis' "powers." Chris explained the five-course disgusting meal challenge. The first round was Manic and Louis eating sloppy joes made from roadkill and mud. Manic decided to take a quick bite, winning round one for the Screaming Scouts. The second round was between Sly and Elenaz, and they had to eat worms and leftovers from the sloppy joe challenge. Elenaz tried to release the worms back into the wild, allowing Sly to win. Danika and Silver had to eat squid tentacles in round three. Silver ate them to quickly, choked, and threw up, giving Danika the win. Trevor and Charlie faced off in round four. Trevor ate the entire can of dog food Chris gave him, but ate to fast and threw up, meaning Charlie won by default. In the tie-breaking, final round, Paul and Katie had to eat soup with candy eyeballs and fingernails, made to trick the contestants into thinking it was real. Katie drank the soup first, winning immunity for her team. Elenaz was voted off by Eliza's alliance due to Eliza's personal dislike of Elenaz.


User Contestant
Nalyd Renrut Chris McLean/Louis/Evelyn
Reddude Manic
Webly Cheyne/Eliza
Tdafan123 Trevor
KoopaKidJr. Sly/Katie
Turnertang Paul
Chimchar2356025 Danika
Cragiled dyrium Charlie
Darkdonpatch Silver
Mrodd Elenaz



Contestant Voted For
Cheyne Elenaz
Danika Elenaz
Elenaz Eliza
Eliza Elenaz
Manic Elenaz
Paul Eliza
Trevor Manic

Quotes Edit

  • Paul: *Holding an apple* Using the power of deduction, I figured out that this is an apple!
  • (CONF) Eliza: Really? An eatathon? I'm allergic to, like, everything!
  • Manic: *Shoves the whole sandwich into his mouth*

Chris: Um... You already won.

  • (CONF) Katie: If Sly can sing opera, he can eat the garbage Chris gives him.
  • (CONF) Paul: This is revolting. I hope my turn never comes.
  • Elenaz: *Releases worms* Go free, little friends!

(CONF) Elenaz: I couldn't eat a living thing! It would be like eating my own mom!

  • Danika: So what? My mom's eaten dog food a million times... Forgot I said that.
  • Chris: I have girl scout cookies for... Cheyne, Danika, Paul.

Danika: Woo!

Paul: Marvelous.

Chris: Trevor and Manic.

Trevor: Yes!

Chris: Elenaz and Eliza, this is the last cookie, and the last night here for one of you. *Throws cookie to Eliza* Elenaz, time to go!

Elenaz: Bye everyone, I'll miss you!

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