The Skydivers
Season Two, Episode One
Plane Jump
First Played March 6, 2010
Challenge Jumping out of a plane
Reward(s) Invincibility
Winner(s) Killer Adventurers
Eliminated "Holes"
Episode Guide
"And the Winner Is..."
"Escalade de la Tour Eiffel"

Sixteen new contestants arrive to battle it out for another cash prize. While two alliances are formed, a relationship is sort of created. The contestants are immediately forced to jump from their plane. The losing team chose to send their biggest threat home.

Plot Edit

IRC Camps Pic 1

Allison receives the final passport.

Three planes fly in the sky. Chris McLean is flying in the middle plane, while the Screaming Divers and Killer Adventurers are on either side of his plane. Chris explains in his private plane that all season the contestants will go around the world. Chris jumps into the Screaming Divers plane, and explains that they are 10,000 feet above Canada. He tells them that they need to jump off the plane. All of the Screaming Divers jump out of the plane, and celebrate, thinking they've got a guaranteed victory. Chris then jumps into the Killer Adventurers plane and tells them about the challenges. The entire team jumps out of the plane. Chris explains that they must pick one person from each team to break the tie. Boomer and Kyle were chosen to break the tie for their teams. They had to pick a number one to ten. Kyle picked four, and Boomer picked five. Six was the number, meaning Boomer was closer, winning immunity for the Killer Adventurers. The Screaming Divers voted off "Holes".

Cast Edit

User Contestant
Nalyd Renrut Chris McLean/Hershell
Chimchar Kyle/Christian
Kevvy9 Lindsay
Thebiggesttdifan Isaac
Tdafan123 Giratin/Allison
Kenzen11 Blain
DJ Spenstar Spenny
KoopaKidJr. Boomer
Usitgz "Holes"
Darkdonpatch Tom
Webkinz Mania Webby
Mrodd Zachary
IHeartTDInTDA Glen/Andrea

Trivia Edit

Voting Edit

Contestant Voted For
Allison "Holes"
Andrea "Holes"
Christian "Holes"
Glen Allison
Hershell "Holes"
"Holes" Allison
Kyle "Holes"
Tom "Holes"

Quotes Edit

  • Spenny: If I die, tell Jess I love her. *jumps*
  • Spenny: conf: I didn't die. But you probably should tell Jess that anyway.
  • Spenny: Just let the Killer Adventures win and call it a day!

  • Glen: That's unfair.
  • Spenny: Well, it's worth a shot.
  • Chris: *pushes Spenny down* ANY MORE IDEAS?
  • Giratin:*looks over edge of plane and gulps*Uh oh...*wets pants*
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