Screaming Divers
Gender Male
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated I Barely Survived a Japanese Game Show
Place 11th
Family Bowling ball (mom) ,Watermelon (dad)
Friends Everyone on the Screaming Divers
Enemies Glen(One-sided on Glen's side)
Fear Being confronted by a black man from outer space
Talent Playing bass, being random
Played By Darkdonpatch

Thomas Ridgewell, known commonly as Tom, labeled as The Random Person who Makes no Sense is a competitor in IRC Camps Season Two. He is played Darkdonpatch. He is on the Screaming Divers.


Tom was born with no eyes. Only having big eye things for eyes.He

doesn't like be treating different. He only likes it if it what he says.

He is funny though. People usually say he makes barely any sense at all.

He has a catch phrase "Holy *random stuff*" at a WTF moment.


"Hello name's Thomas Ridgewell, but you can call me Tom!" Said a person in all blue.

"I want to join your show to become famous, and I know you can do it for me!" He said.

"Watch me. "Romeo,oh romeo" wait what? oh well I'm gonna eat pie, bye!" he yells.

"Hello,name's Edd that was Tom, I was suppose to audtiton, but looks like he took my place, so yeah." Said a guy in green.


In The Skydivers he was streaking with all his clothes (except shirt). He was very eager to jump off the plane and was the 1st or 2nd one to do so.His team lost though. He quickly joined an alliance with Kyle,Andrea, and Allison. He voted for "Holes" because he was a huge threat. He showed sympathy for "Holes" when he was eliminated. He then made a confession of how he was a mix of Nalyd and James, James for randomness and Nalyd for him being from England. In Escalade de la Tour Eiffel Tom did nothing except throw a party with pizza and coke at his team's victory.

In Valley of the Puzzles, he was a puzzle builder. When Glen got dehydrated he was very concern about it. He build the bottom half of it and his team won. He went to bed after team victory. In Hundred Meter Dog Dash he was shaving Kyle's beard that he grew cause of Hershell. He, along with Kyle and Andrea helped won the challenge for his team.

In Elimination, Hawaiian Style, he woke up in a bunny costume. He went and changed into a Freakazoid costume and cooked breakfast for everyone. In the challenge he did good, yet he got hit by a shark and fell. He got 25 seconds, while Webby got 28. Tom voted Glen, saying it was hard, and Glen was off.

In I Barely Survived a Japanese Game Show, Tom was in the 3rd challenge, against Blain and he lost to him by one second. He voted for Hershell, but he knew he was going. In the end he was sent home, but he said he knew there was a traitor, meaning Andrea


  • He looks like Tom in Eddsworld.
  • He's based on Tom from Eddsworld.
  • He is Tom in his teens.
  • He's from England.
  • He joined the 1st alliance of the second season (since Andrea made it before the alliance in the Killer Adventurers).
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