Tye, labeled as the hippie, is a competitor on IRC Camps Season One. He is played by Tyedye0126. He is on the Killer Actors team.

Killer Actors
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated A Christmas Miracle
Place 14th
Relationship Victoria
Family Trev (Brother)
Friends Rachel, Victoria
Enemies Joe
Fear Humiliation, being the center of attention
Talent Looking good in tie dye, strategy
Played By Tyedye0126

Time on IRC CampsEdit

Tye arrives in I Love Adventures!, and is told to get into his bathing suit for the challenge. After doing so, he easily jumps the cliff, saying, "I've seen higher cliffs than this." When the Screaming Directors are jumping, he tries to persuade them to not jump, and has a minor argument with Joe. Ethan spied on the campfire ceremony, telling the Killer Actors that Monica was voted out, and Tye was surprised it wasn't Joe.

Tye stood by and watched as his team did the challenge in Do You Think I'm Stupid?, and they won.

In Je t'aime, Tye joined an alliance with Rachel and Victoria.

He once again didn't participate in the challenge in A Christmas Miracle. Ethan and Nalyd's alliance voted Tye off with the help of Trev.

Tye voted for James to win in And the Winner Is....

Audition tapeEdit

Tye is standing on an empty stage playing a light blue guitar, he stops playing and looks at the camera.

"Hi! You should pick me for the show because I know I can win. I am determined, focused, and- OOH! SHINEY!" He says as he sees something shiney off in the distance. He quickly regains his focus and says,

"What was I doing again? Oh, right, the audition. Why did I want to sign up again?"

He pauses in thought for a minute before saying,

"You should probably turn the camera off now."


  • Tye, Bridgette and Princessa are the only people on the Killer Actors team with blond hair.
    • They are also the only people in the whole season with blond hair.
  • In the first episode, it is revealed that Tye has had some experience jumping off of cliffs, as he said he's seen bigger cliffs, and had easily jumped the one for the challenge.
  • Tye received 4 votes in the first season of the IRC Camps.


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