Use Your Noodle
Season Three, Episode Five
No Picture
First Played October 2, 2010
Challenge Swimming Race to Noodle Fight
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Killer Campers
Eliminated Trevor
Episode Guide
"The Final Chowdown"
"The Camp Before Time"

After waking up, the two teams face off in a water battle. Some win, while others lose. In the end, one prankster has pulled his last prank.


Trevor started the day by pulling pranks. Manic freaked out about dust bunnies. Charlie and Eliza noticed that only girls had been eliminated. Louis celebrated saving Paul's life in the previous challenge. Sly came up with a plan for Evelyn and Louis. Chris explained that the challenge would involve water, and had everyone change into their bathing suits. At the lake, Chris explained that to win the challenge, you have to knock the other person off the dock with a noodle. Evelyn and Danika went first, and Evelyn won. Louis and Trevor competed in round two. Trevor felt bad for pranking Louis, so he forfeited the challenge, losing for his team. The Screaming Scouts voted Trevor off for throwing the challenge. After the elimination, Evelyn and Louis became a couple.


User Contestant
Nalyd Renrut Chris McLean/Louis
Reddude Manic/Cheyne
Turnertang Paul1
Tdafan123 Trevor/Eliza
KoopaKidJr. Sly/Paul1
Chimchar2356025 Danika
Cragiled dyrium Charlie
Darkdonpatch Silver
TDALindsayfan1 Katie/Evelyn

1 For some part of this episode, Paul was played by Koops.



Contestant Voted For
Cheyne Danika
Danika Trevor
Eliza Paul
Manic Trevor
Paul Trevor
Trevor Paul

Quotes Edit

  • Paul: It is clear that Manic is desperate for a woman.
  • (CONF) Trevor: I hope Katie stops being an idiot and realizes she's being played by Sly, or she's gonna be heartbroken and humiliated. And I'll be laughing on the side lines laughing and saying I told you so!
  • Charlie: Where are all the girls going?
  • (CONF) Sly: Louis saving Paul's life can be an advantage to me. I just don't know how.
  • Manic: Have I mentioned that I can't swim?
  • Katie: Manic, you look awesome today! Good luck!
  • Sly: Katie, we don't talk to the enemy.
  • Danika: *Gives Manic a ducky floaty ring* I don't want you to have a water grave.
  • (CONF) Trevor: I felt bad for Louis so I threw the challenge.
  • Sly: *Whispers to Evelyn* Join my alliance and I'll protect your relationship.
  • Chris: Alright, I have girl scout cookies for... Womanic, Eliza, Cheyne, and Danika.
  • Eliza: *Smiles at Trevor*
  • Chris: Trevor and Paul, this is the final girl scout cookie. Trevor, you mercilessly pranked everyone's favorite hero. Nobody really feels bad for him, but nobody wanted to see him in his undies. Paul, you've been useless all season. The final girl scout cookie goes to... Paul.
  • Trevor: Well, I'm not surprised. *Kisses Eliza* Watch out for Sly, everyone.
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