Okay, so we had a Christmas movie challenge today. I wasn't toooo thrilled. I mean I looove Christmas, but after my mother crushed my dreams of Santa's existence, everytime I hear the word... s... santa, I almost cry. I still want to believe, but my mother is poisoning my mind with non-merry thoughts. She's such a humbug. *huffs* Too bad mom! If I wanna believe in Santa, then I WILL! Take that Rose... Don't listen to her Cassie! Don't let her poison your precious joyous mind x_x.

Anyway, I was wearing my cute santa costume. It's over there>>>. But yeah, I think Nalyd was a good Santa. And what Rachel said about Nalyd going against his religion, noooot true. Santa Claus isn't part of the Christian religion. Jesus is a part of it, but the awesome fat guy who gives kids free stuff ^_^ isn't part of it. The presents part is like... from when the people gave Jesus gifts, but still, believing in Santa doesn't go against a person's religion. Moving on, I was soooo nervous when we lost. But that alliance is reeeeeally paying off. I got some new friends, I know for a fact that my BF and I will vote the same way, and like I'm probably not gonna get out anytime soon. So yeah I wanted hot cocoa after I got my

marshmallow, but I never got any. *a single tear rolls down face* Poor cocoaless meeeee. So yeah, I kissed Nalyd again. As if that's a reeeeal surprise. But I guess that's about it. So yeah, happy Hannukah, and merry early Christmas.

-Princessa o<[] (Santa hat)
Merry Christmas from Princessa

Me in my gooooorgeous outfit.