Hey guys... Well I came here to talk about the break up more so than the episode itself. I mean, I thought what I did was right. I just didn't think he wanted this relationship like I did, so I just said, ya know... It's over, I don't want to be in a relationship where I give, give, give, and he takes, takes, takes, and all I get in return is "you're hot", or "nice outfit". All the times he's been injured, I've been right beside him. Everytime he doubted himself, I was there to reassure him. To make matters worse, when I dumped him, he acted like he didn't even care. That was probably why I cried so much, because he didn't even care. But wasn't that why I dumped him in the first place? Plus, he went against the alliance and eliminated Bridgette's boyfriend! That shows he really doesn't care about love, and he's working with James. Seriously, does Nalyd want me eliminated all of sudden? And I wanted to be able to support Bridgette. Her boyfriend and her were separated, so I figured, why have her have to watch Nalyd and I be... so... h...happy. But I was the only happy one..... *starts crying hysterically* Oh crap! I got mascara all over my sheets. Nooo!

-10 Minutes Later-

Ok, I've gathered myself. But really, I mean, if he shapes up, should we get back together? Or... should I just forget about him like that, and stay single. Because Taylor Lautner sent me a fan letter, and he wants to take me to dinner once I get off the show... So I really need your opinion. Can't keep Mr. Lautner waiting too long!

Leave your answers in the replies!

I also left a pic of me as a pirate for fun.

Lastly, Nalyd, if you're reading this, I still love you... and I have to say this was one of the absolute hardest things I've ever had to do in my life.

It was you, not me, and if you can make me believe that you're worth a second chance, I may just give you one...

Princessa hawt

Me as a pirate!