*This is all in Joe's POV, so don't think its KoopaKidJr. who hates you all, its Joe who does!!!*

Joe: I can't believe I'm stuck here with 15 other freaks. I was this close to losing it when Frank didn't jump. I was about to throw Monica if she didn't cry away like a little baby. I can't believe we lost, since I was in a very generous mood that evening, I voted for Frank instead of Monica. Either way, Monica was voted off. I saw Ethan spying on our elimination ceremony. Don't think I'm stupid!!! Tye is annoying to no end!!! I know he was just trying to get them to not, so his team would easily win. Don't play the fool with me Tye, because it ain't gonna work!!! I just Day 2 is way better, but I seriously doubt it.