Yo! Whats up? Its your buddy, Chris McLean here to talk about the awesomeness that was the first episode of IRC Camps!

Technical Stuff
We picked the most interesting sixteen contestants we could think of from all the auditions we received! I think we got an excellent cast, and I'm sure this will be an interesting season.

The Challenge
It was hard for us to get permission from network executives to let the kids jump from the cliff. We also had trouble getting the censors to allow us to show Nalyd without a hoodie on. I am surprised that all but one jumped, but at least we can save the other parts of the challenge for a later day.

The Elimination
I'm sad to see Monica go so soon. It took a lot to get a little kid on the show, but I think it was worth it. I don't know if the team made the right choice. The voting was interesting. There was mostly random voting it seemed. Who knows, maybe there is a secret alliance?

The Victory Party
Who throws a victory party after winning one challenge? Apparently the Killer Actors do. Lets see if those eight will be partying all the way to the finale.

Will you miss Monica?

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