Ok,so tonight's challenge was a Christmas theme.Nalyd was the Santa for the Actors and Erik was Santa for my team.Erik did a great job as Santa.I asked out Rachel and she rejected me.Also,my alliance with Roman gained a new member,frank.In the challenge,Erik did good as Santa and didn't upset any kids.Then,Nalyd's turn was up.He messed up a little and my team FINALLY won.I spied on the campfire ceremony and i was REALLY shocked at 2 things:Victoria wanted Rachel to get the last marshmallow instead of Tye,her boyfirend,she also said she liked Rachel more than Tye.What the heck is wrong with that girl?I'll tell you what A LOT!.I was also shocked Tye was eliminated.What did he do?I would've voted for Ethan cause he helped us.So,thats all and I'll see ya next week :)