Ok,big news on this one.First,i`ll recap episode 2.In episode 2,we had a nature challenge.We made a documentary about a bear while the Killer Actors did theirs on lions.I was afraid of the bear,shut up,and then we bonded.So,we lost again,and also,Nalyd got attacked by a lion!It was hilarious!Anyway,I started liking Rachel and Roman liked Bridgette.When we had to vote someone off,I got the second marshmallow and Joe got voted off.I voted for Erik but I guess I`m happier it was Je.Next up,episode 3!!!Ok,Marshall started showing feelings for Princessa and Nalyd and Princessa became a couple.It was the romance movie and I was first up against Nalyd and Princessa.I had to kiss Leshawna and i made a BIG mistake,I revealed my crush for Rachel OUT LOUD! Then,it was Roman and Leshawna,who won for us and then,Frank lost the big wrestle match.I voted for Marshall and he left.And also,Roman and I are in an alliance and he`s over Bridgette.That`s it for today see you later :)