Killer Actors
Gender Female
Hair color Bergundy
Episode Eliminated I Make Fire!
Place 11th
Relationship Tye
Family Justice (Mom), Victor (Dad)
Friends Rachel, Tye, Ethan, Bridgette, Nalyd (Mostly), Princessa, James
Enemies Joe, Trev (considered)
Fear Final Destination Movies, 2012
Talent Singing, Not being able to Act, Basball
Played By Kenzen

Victoria, labeled The Cute Country Girl, is a competitor in IRC Camps Season One. She is played by Kenzen. She was on the Killer Actors team.

Time on IRC CampsEdit

In I Love Adventures!, Victoria sang through out the episode. She helped her team win the challenge by jumping off of the cliff, but didn't go to the victory party.

In Do You Think I'm Stupid?, she practiced narrating for her team just to end up doing nothing, for her team. Tye asked her out and she said yes. She soon formed an alliance with Rachel.

In Je t'aime, she and Tye competed in the challenge, but failed to do a romantic "proposal". She cheered on Rachel telling her to do horrible things to Frank during the fight. At the end of the day Tye joined her and Rachel's aliance.

In A Christmas Miracle, she did not do much, she targeted Nalyd but stopped when thinking about how he tried to win. She was sad when Tye left.

In Yeehaw, she woke up on the dock heading into her cabin and putting on Tye's shirt. She jumped after Princessa she landed safely.

In I'm Coming M'Lady!, she participated in the challenge. She voted for Nalyd.

In I Make Fire!, she fought against LeShawna in the first challenge. She took a lot of pain and struggled to get her off the pillar. During the second part she tried to get Princessa to help and by the time she got supplies her team had lost. She was eliminated, crying most of the wait to be eliminated. She hugged Rachel and left. Ethan gave her a gummy bear before she left.

In And the Winner Is..., She questioned Nalyd and James about why they did what the did during the game. She made her decision and voted for James. She left the game know she made the right choice.

Audition Edit

The camera open to a Girl siting on her bed "Hey world I am Victoria" She said.

She begins to sing along to the radio. "Oh Sorry i love to sing" She said after singing for a minute.

"Well um well pick me" She walks up to the camera and trie to turn it off, She Breaks the lens and she yells "OH CRAP".


  • She is computer drawn by the player of her, Kenzen11.
  • She is possibly the 2nd tallest competitor, at 6 ft 5.
  • She owned her own iPhone that she uses during the competition to listen to music, but due to lack of phone signal she can't call anyone.
  • She lost her iPhone in I Love Adventures! It broke and she threw it in the water. She currently uses her iPod for music.
  • She considers Tye and Rachel her best friends.
  • She formed the Second alliance to the show with Rachel and Tye.
  • Victoria received 5 votes in the first season of the IRC Camps.


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