Whitney, labeled as The Actress, is a contestant in IRC Camps Season Three. She is played by Anonymos.

Killer Campers
Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated Welcome to Camp
Place 17th
Relationship None
Friends Katie
Enemies Sly
Fear Sharks
Talent Acting, Memorizing, Performing
Played By Anonymos

Time on IRC CampsEdit

In Welcome to Camp, Whitney was placed on the Killer Campers. She landed out of the canoe during the challenge, and barely lost her team the tiebreaker to the Screaming Scouts. Sly convinced her whole team except Katie to vote off Whitney. Whitney voted for Sly.

Audition TapeEdit

Whitney is onstage, finishing a scene. She delivers her lines with a great deal of emotion; she is dressed in full Shakespearean attire. She turns to the camera, "Oh, hi, I didn't see you there! I'm Whitney, and as you can tell I'm an actress. Well, not yet, anyway, but I really want to be. I haven't gotten paid for it yet, so I can't really say I am, but I will. As of now, I'm mostly involved in school productions and community theater. Anyway, I guess you producers don't especially care about my acting career. You probably want to know why I deserve to be in the game, and what I'll be like. I think I deserve to be there, because I'll be a strong competitor, but I won't be a dirty competitor. I'm a really nice girl; I love to shop, and I love to hang around with my friends. I know you producers are probably looking for some kind of competitor that'll get down in the gutter to win, but that's just not me, and I think it's team these shows get a change in contestant, so pick me!"


  • Whitney was drawn on MS Paint by her creator.
  • Whitney's top and skirt are based off of a shirt her creator has.
  • Whitney's original name was Lily, but it was changed because her creator preferred the name Whitney.
  • Whitney received a total of 6 votes against her in Season 3.


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